12 month & Counting week 1

The premise of this proposal is that we as a team produce a mock-sexy calendar, with each month’s photo representing one of the twelve majors at CCAD.

AdGraph, Animation, Art History, Cinematic Arts, Comics Narrative Practice, Contemporary Crafts, Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography would all be represented with a corresponding month and conceptual photograph that represents the life of that major.

My Role : Marketing and Communications

  • I will be a part of the Marketing and Communications team with Krystal. Meaning we will be in charge of putting together social media accounts and helping spread the word basically of our project. Focusing on how to market our group as a brand in some ways and gather information to help make our group information upon majors more concrete.
  • Since I also work for CCAD actual Marketing and Communications, I thought it might be a cool idea if we had their help in working with us to make this finished project a source for students to access. Rather they help promote this project as fun student involvement or help us by collecting data and letting us use that as a source. (I will be emailing/ talking to Jill Moorehead who is the head of CCAD Marketing for her disapproval/approval.


Here are just some rough sketches that my team wanted by Thursday, will go in more detail later for next weeks post. Just shows possible cover drawings of the calendar plus names that we could call the calendar. not concrete ideas


This was just some vague terms that I ask my adgraph roommate what he thought stood out in his major.


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