Project 2 Blog post 6

So with the 180 turn, we as a group pretty much just kept changing things. After the meeting with Lexi, we were told to make the calendar less CCAD Official and have more creative flair to it. So we brainstormed a bunch of possible ideas that we could include as illustrative subheaders. 20170330_170202.jpg

So we broke up into sections and came up with a different layout that we all settled on.

calp1 copy.png

So Krystal thought it was cool if we took the major desk space and masked it by a shape and just keep the bottom half cubed normally from our diamond layout plan. I came up with the idea of blurring the inverted out image of the circle so it at least holds some information.

I worked on the cover and back and info, tried to hold the same design look through and keeping consistency.

The cover and info page were placement until we were set on the concepts




calendar cover1.png



calendar back2.5.png

Here are the final layouts we decided on.

The icons used were to represent the different majors.


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