Project 3 360 Panorama Illustration week 2

So the way my brain works when I draw is that I render to much. Even when I’m trying to draw simplistic, I default to trying to make something even more realistic than just cartoony realism. I guess you could say it’s my drawing crutch. So for this project, I want to focus on being more loose and cartoony and basically mix up the way I illustrate.

I don’t want to stick to a set theme for this project. I think it would be best if I draw whatever comes to mind as a way of decompressing and not being so anal about the subject matter.

at first, I was thinking to do a mixture of basic concept art as shown here

John Grello my fav artist when it comes to stuff like this.

but then I was searching and discover a bunch of people doing 360 paintings that are just images digitally drawing and stretched so you the viewer are in the scene. So I really wanted to experiment doing that, since I never attempted to do something difficult like that.

Examples mostly my source for new art is artstation.

*I won’t embed someone else’s work

John Grello

Roman Kupriyanov

Jama Jurabaev

The God artist Jama Jurabaev made a template, for public use that creates a grid that helps you draw and get a sense of the horizontal planes once you convert the layer into a spherical cube.


Here is my very rough sketch and experiment test doing this method!



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