Creative Habit Week 2

For this week I was inspired by the format of characters and set up in an overlapping format, we mostly see compositions like these in movies and comics.

(Drew Struzan style that a lot of tv, games developers, comic studios other medias etc. mimic).

The beautiful space art of John Berkey:

Image result for drew struzan


Fragan Tanguy


I just started drawing characters one of them were an Idea that I started off a few weeks ago but never fleshed out. I thought it would be fun to incorporate her into this process.


The other characters I have yet to really think of a back story, I just figured If i drew whatever came to mind that eventually, they would fundamentals tributes to their character. My idea behind this is that eventually as I flesh these characters out that may be I can start and actual story concept board with these development sketches.

Anvi which translates from an India girls name means goddess and protector of the forest.  The concept I had in my head was the main Title of the project would be called Feral Tension – wild


the picture above would be an older version of the character in her later years maybe.


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