Creative Habit – Final

This is entire project was just concept art of concept art for me. It was the beginning stages and testing different methods that I later could execute. This final week I just sketched and made a lot more random things that I could eventually once fleshed out tie into the 2 possible stories from my later post, in which I plan advancing for fun.

Again I was sketching and testing out different ways how the characters I made would look.


Pace eyes


possible poses and looks for main character.


I thought it would be fun to also since it May incorporate the trending Mermay challenge with drawing a Mermaid that could possibly be a goddess villain for my 2nd story of characters.


I also made a random character that could be a part of the 1 story of Feral Tension, since its includes technology. Characters name would be Amirah who is a Palestinian soldier her name in Arabic mean Princess/ Leader.




John Grello


Creative Habit 3 week

For my habit, I just again focused on drawing characters.

I just focused on line weight and gesture both relaxed and posed in a pose like a manner. I did a sketch a day.



For these characters, I thought it would be cool if they were from the 90’s or lived in a modern era but dressed like it was the 90’s, probably cause I just like the clothing style from back then.

The two characters are Pace and Jac and my idea for these two is that they both were god-like in their past life. But they don’t remember what or who they were in their past lives and struggle coming to terms of the power they hold. I feel like it’s an ok concept that I would like to further develop. Jack has an antelope spirit animal partner that helps him remember and binds him to his past.


Oscar Römer

John Grello

Creative Habit Week 2

For this week I was inspired by the format of characters and set up in an overlapping format, we mostly see compositions like these in movies and comics.

(Drew Struzan style that a lot of tv, games developers, comic studios other medias etc. mimic).

The beautiful space art of John Berkey:

Image result for drew struzan


Fragan Tanguy


I just started drawing characters one of them were an Idea that I started off a few weeks ago but never fleshed out. I thought it would be fun to incorporate her into this process.


The other characters I have yet to really think of a back story, I just figured If i drew whatever came to mind that eventually, they would fundamentals tributes to their character. My idea behind this is that eventually as I flesh these characters out that may be I can start and actual story concept board with these development sketches.

Anvi which translates from an India girls name means goddess and protector of the forest.  The concept I had in my head was the main Title of the project would be called Feral Tension – wild


the picture above would be an older version of the character in her later years maybe.

Project 3 360 Panorama Illustration week 2

So the way my brain works when I draw is that I render to much. Even when I’m trying to draw simplistic, I default to trying to make something even more realistic than just cartoony realism. I guess you could say it’s my drawing crutch. So for this project, I want to focus on being more loose and cartoony and basically mix up the way I illustrate.

I don’t want to stick to a set theme for this project. I think it would be best if I draw whatever comes to mind as a way of decompressing and not being so anal about the subject matter.

at first, I was thinking to do a mixture of basic concept art as shown here

John Grello my fav artist when it comes to stuff like this.

but then I was searching and discover a bunch of people doing 360 paintings that are just images digitally drawing and stretched so you the viewer are in the scene. So I really wanted to experiment doing that, since I never attempted to do something difficult like that.

Examples mostly my source for new art is artstation.

*I won’t embed someone else’s work

John Grello

Roman Kupriyanov

Jama Jurabaev

The God artist Jama Jurabaev made a template, for public use that creates a grid that helps you draw and get a sense of the horizontal planes once you convert the layer into a spherical cube.


Here is my very rough sketch and experiment test doing this method!


Project 2 Blog post 6

So with the 180 turn, we as a group pretty much just kept changing things. After the meeting with Lexi, we were told to make the calendar less CCAD Official and have more creative flair to it. So we brainstormed a bunch of possible ideas that we could include as illustrative subheaders. 20170330_170202.jpg

So we broke up into sections and came up with a different layout that we all settled on.

calp1 copy.png

So Krystal thought it was cool if we took the major desk space and masked it by a shape and just keep the bottom half cubed normally from our diamond layout plan. I came up with the idea of blurring the inverted out image of the circle so it at least holds some information.

I worked on the cover and back and info, tried to hold the same design look through and keeping consistency.

The cover and info page were placement until we were set on the concepts




calendar cover1.png



calendar back2.5.png

Here are the final layouts we decided on.

The icons used were to represent the different majors.

Project 2 Post 5

So with our 180 turns on the project I jumped all over the place, joined the design team as marketing became render useless as we dropped the entire involvement with CCAD actual marketing team.

Jan and July calendar pages Ethan

So with my new promotion, we all kinda of divided up different sections of the calendar to take on for the rough draft and we still have the idea of personalizing each month assigned to us however we want for the final layout.

calendar cover

calendar back

I designed both front and back of the calendar, I tried to make the images/colors and artifacts unified and clean cut as the official CCAD site and aesthetic is.

12 month & Counting week 1

The premise of this proposal is that we as a team produce a mock-sexy calendar, with each month’s photo representing one of the twelve majors at CCAD.

AdGraph, Animation, Art History, Cinematic Arts, Comics Narrative Practice, Contemporary Crafts, Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography would all be represented with a corresponding month and conceptual photograph that represents the life of that major.

My Role : Marketing and Communications

  • I will be a part of the Marketing and Communications team with Krystal. Meaning we will be in charge of putting together social media accounts and helping spread the word basically of our project. Focusing on how to market our group as a brand in some ways and gather information to help make our group information upon majors more concrete.
  • Since I also work for CCAD actual Marketing and Communications, I thought it might be a cool idea if we had their help in working with us to make this finished project a source for students to access. Rather they help promote this project as fun student involvement or help us by collecting data and letting us use that as a source. (I will be emailing/ talking to Jill Moorehead who is the head of CCAD Marketing for her disapproval/approval.


Here are just some rough sketches that my team wanted by Thursday, will go in more detail later for next weeks post. Just shows possible cover drawings of the calendar plus names that we could call the calendar. not concrete ideas


This was just some vague terms that I ask my adgraph roommate what he thought stood out in his major.